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Creator represents and warrants have the right to enter into this Agreement.
As regards the right of reproduction and use:

1. Creator warrants that he is the original author of Creation or holds the exclusive rights of authors on Creations uploaded. If this is not the case, the Creator may be subject to prosecution by IMAJIN, or (the) buyer(s) and by (the) original(s) author(s) of the Creation.
2. In case a creation represents architectural monuments, works of people, objects or trademarks protected by a particular copyright (intellectual property code, image rights and property, the Civil Code, right designs, right registered trademarks), it remains the responsibility of the creator to obtain the holders of such rights, downstream necessary for the free dissemination, use and operation of this Creation.
3. Creations must not represent commercial or advertising.
4. The Creator is forbidden to offer a particular creation with obscene insults, violent, or pedophile, and, in general, contrary to the laws and regulations. Proposed by the Creator, Creation must not infringe the rights of third parties, including intellectual property rights and the right to privacy.
5. Creator ensures that support creation contains no computer program designed to or may damage or intercept a computer system or data and personal information.

Regarding the mandate:

     By this Agreement, the Creator gives IMAJIN mandate to manage on its behalf and for its account all aspects of the business relationship with potential customers as specified in Article 1 above.
The Creator must specify the price at which it wants to sell to potential customers the right to use his creation. He may at any time change the price of its creation by having access to their personal space.
On IMAJIN, the minimum price to sell Creation is established minimum 2 rupiah (and its equivalent in Rp). Below this price, IMAJIN may not submit a Creation for sale.
     The Creator is committed to provide the most truthful information used to purchase and download its creation. A full technical descriptions, photographs of the object when printed, creations of the 3D file, choice of the price, everything must be oriented so that buyers will want to download the product.
If a product does not meet the quality expectations of IMAJIN, IMAJIN reserves the right to modify, supplement sheets some manner whatsoever (amendment of the description, add photos, etc.).
     The Creator making available (free or not) a Creation, is committed to the quality of its 3D file. It guarantees the quality and printability of their creation, IMAJIN not guaranteeing 3D printability of all creations on the Site. Depositing his Creation, the Creator is committed to ensure that his creation is printable using the 3D printing process.
     The Creator also mandates IMAJIN to manage the financial relationship with the final customer.
     The Creator may, at any time, delete its Creations by sending an email at Deleting one or more Creations not however cancel or have any impact on any sales of goods previously entered into by IMAJIN on the basis of this Creation, any transaction prior to the deletion request is maintained in the state.
     Thus, the removal of a Creation applies only from the end of the period of 48 hours notice required to take into account the change of status of Creation concerned. Thus, sales of items made prior to that date retain their full value and can not be questioned.


     IMAJIN reserves the right to refuse any creation which, by its content or for any other reason, is considered inadequate to justify by IMAJIN for inclusion in the Catalogue.
     IMAJIN reserves the right to exclude Creation or a Creator and thus deny access to all or part of the Site's services.
     IMAJIN is not the copyright holder of Creation provided by the Creator. In this way, the Creator, by sending a Creation IMAJIN expressly acknowledges that the Site and its administrators are not responsible for misuse that might be made of Creations or objects reproduced from these Creations.
     IMAJIN is an agent acting on behalf of the Creator in the management of its business relationship with potential customers to allow the transfer by the Creator the right to use the creation of the Creator. The role of IMAJIN limited to linking the Creator with potential clients and the management of these business relationships.